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project tracking

How Excel Is Harming Your Procurement Team

Do you rely heavily on Excel to track your team’s procurement projects and activity? Let’s face it, Excel was first released back in 1985 and yes, it’s great for tables of numbers and working out a TCO. But as your … Read More

How to Manage your Team Remotely

Whilst some of us are able to go back into offices, a number of firms are continuing to request that their teams work from home. It’s something we should be very practised at now, but moving from an emergency way … Read More

supplier relationships

What’s Wrong with our Supplier Relationships?

Are some of your suppliers not behaving as you would like? Do you get the feeling that they may just not like you or your firm? It’s likely to be nothing personal, but how you treat your suppliers at an … Read More

How to minimize Coronavirus impact on IT hardware supply

The Coronavirus epidemic is both tragic and alarming and has highlighted how dependent the tech industry on concentrated manufacturing centres in the Far East. So how is this affecting IT supply chains and what should leaders do to minimise business impact? … Read More

Lessons from Silicon Valley

I spent some time in Silicon Valley last week to attend the Startup Grind conference in Redwood City. It was a fantastic two-day conference with a number of founders and CEOs of VCs and tech businesses speaking such as Box, Stripe, … Read More

The Agile Procurement Revolution

Technology is increasingly driving Procurement functions The workplace of 2019 has been transformed by technology. Organisations are embracing technology driven change such as remote working, mobile applications and big data powered visibility. Across Procurement categories, IT Procurement expertise is required … Read More

How can your procurement team be more efficient

A key issue facing Procurement Leaders in 2020 is that organisations are growing at a faster rate than the investment in additional procurement resource. So how can you make your team more effective and deliver greater results with the same … Read More

Frustrations within your procurement team

On average millennials (anyone aged 22-38) make up 50% of today’s procurement teams. That’s a great thing for the future of the profession as they have a number of attributes which are well suited: ·      They are motivated by big picture … Read More

What to Expect from the Procurement in the Next Decade

Procurement In The Next Decade

As we approach a new decade, what are the trends that will shape Procurement as a profession in the roaring (20)20’s? While trying to answer this question, I look at five trends that have the promise to make a real … Read More