How Excel Is Harming Your Procurement Team

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Do you rely heavily on Excel to track your team’s procurement projects and activity?

Let’s face it, Excel was first released back in 1985 and yes, it’s great for tables of numbers and working out a TCO. But as your team grows and develops, relying too heavily on Excel for project tracking and reporting can do more harm than good. Excel wasn’t designed for this and can quickly become error-ridden, chewing up employee time, all without providing a proper audit trail or appropriate security.

A survey found that nearly 88% of spreadsheets contain errors.

Let’s look at the issue with traditional project tracking in more detail:

Spreadsheets waste valuable time

Using Excel to enter data manually is a step up from paper-processing, but compared to true digitisation it’s still in the stone ages. Entering into multiple sources also wastes a huge amount of your team’s time – hours are spent doing tasks that automated business software could accomplish effortlessly.

Not built for Multiple Users

With a large team using spreadsheets, it’s easy to end up with different versions of the same file – these ‘duelling’ spreadsheets make it difficult to tell which version is accurate. Multiple people editing the spreadsheet at different times leads to confusion and data conflicts. On top of that is a risk of data loss, which can take significant time to rectify. A centralised system that can be updated by multiple users at once solves these problems.

Human Error

Human error will creep in any time people are responsible for data entry and these errors can have wide-reaching effects. Better to have a system where data only needs to be entered once, automatically appearing where needed in the relevant report.


Excel is not designed to create true business reporting or measure the progress of a procurement project. Procurement technology solutions offer a better visualisation, insight and organisation of data.

Focusses your team on the wrong thing

Procurement project tracking software is simple to use and time-efficient. Why are your team spending time manipulating data in spreadsheets when they could be getting stuck into delivery? It’s easier for everyone to stay on top of the team’s projects when everyone is using the same central tool.

The Solution – Digital Transformation

At Acada, we believe that effective technology is the key to leading companies towards a successful future and transforming procurement into a strategic business function.

Projectview is one such tool that can resolve all of the issues listed above, helping your team to:

  • Reduce time inputting data, increasing efficiency
  • Standardise processes
  • View real-time project information and reports
  • Give stakeholders easy access to data and reports
  • Easily visualise the team’s capacity and delivery
  • Easily access Project Documents
  • Collate disparate systems into one central tool

For a short demo of Projectview or simply a chat about how we can help you transform your team through digitisation – contact us at

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