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Forward Looking Reporting for Procurement Leaders

Your Path to Procurement Excellence


Manage your Pipeline

Get total visibility of team activity (historic, current and future), ensuring your team works on what matters most, with one view of data from your multiple systems.
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Increase Consistency

Increase team throughput and time to value whilst improving consistency to deliver more with your existing team.

Real-Time Reporting

Impress your organisation with clear, concise reporting that visualises the true value you and your team are delivering

What Clients are Saying

We're Passionate About Surpassing Our Clients' Expectations

"Since bringing in Projectview we've cut our time spent on administration by 80-90%"

Head of Procurement
Fintech Client
"The implementation of the system was unbelievably smooth - it's easy to use the system, it takes very little training as it's user friendly and self explanatory".
Who we are

Next Generation Procuretech

We believe that great technology can help Procurement
in delivering real strategic business value

Insightful Dashboards

Innovative Data Visualisation, Real-time Information

Increased Collaboration

Work together using our unique task manager

One View of the Truth

Get total oversight, bringing together multiple systems

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