Digital transformation is about people, not technology

The key to doing digital transformation right is making sure the process is all about the people   Perhaps the most common mistake we see people make when going through a digital transformation programme is focusing too much on the … Read More

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How to Find the Right KPIs for Your Procurement Team

Performance tracking is key to the success of any business process. As the legendary consultant Peter Drucker once said, ‘what gets measured gets managed’, and improvement relies on knowing where you are and where you want to get to. But … Read More

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2020 Recap – Business Tech News

2020 was indeed a very unique year. Many of would say passed so quickly, and yet with so little new memories and experiences. However, we managed to get business done, to invent, to transform. Below we present you with 20 … Read More

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Five Ways to Ensure Early Engagement in Procurement Projects

Do your stakeholders ask for your involvement in a project too late for you to make a difference? Perhaps when the selection has already been made and they just need help with a contract?  Within the profession it is widely … Read More

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Increasing Procurement Effectiveness Through Digital Transformation

Speaking with members of my network I hear many similar stories. Organisations are looking to Procurement teams to deliver more, both in terms of bottom line savings but increasingly top line growth through marketplace innovation. Often, this is without any … Read More

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Mastering Procurement Digital Transformation

Digital Procurement is critical to the success of a modern day procurement team and something that many organisations will have embedded to some extent.  The success of their efforts will have been dependent on how effectively their teams have embraced … Read More

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onboarding process

Onboard New Procurement Recruits More Quickly

Bringing in new recruits is a great way to get new ideas and outside knowledge into your team.  However, as most procurement functions work in different ways, it can be challenging to get a new team member up to speed … Read More

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project tracking

How Excel Is Harming Your Procurement Team

Do you rely heavily on Excel to track your team’s procurement projects and activity? Let’s face it, Excel was first released back in 1985 and yes, it’s great for tables of numbers and working out a TCO. But as your … Read More

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How to Manage your Team Remotely

Whilst some of us are able to go back into offices, a number of firms are continuing to request that their teams work from home. It’s something we should be very practised at now, but moving from an emergency way … Read More

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supplier relationships

What’s Wrong with our Supplier Relationships?

Are some of your suppliers not behaving as you would like? Do you get the feeling that they may just not like you or your firm? It’s likely to be nothing personal, but how you treat your suppliers at an … Read More

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